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2. Dilemmas Of The Eco Spirit

Between the unsaid and the unknown, between the unexpressed and the undefined, plays the incarnate consciousness. It acts and reacts according to all that is induced in its life circle.

 Shamshir Rai Luthra

Beyond social identities and biological classifications lies a living, breathing Eco spirit, which innately thirsts to savor and celebrate existence.

However, Humankind’s quests and thirsts are increasingly turning into misguided missiles, that are causing upheaval and damage to the cosmic biome. Streets, hallways, and staircases, are choking with populaces rushing to and fro, mostly out of pressures to constantly perform their social roles, and blatantly exhibit their social definitions. 

Their earthly presence is divided and distracted, for they are seemingly there, but virtually somewhere else.

No wonder, they end up missing out on simple and magical adventures, that life unconditionally offers them. Movement is manifold and variety is plenteous, but there is an increasing, eccentric social, economic, and natural waste.


Seeing the current state of artificial evolution, one wonders if our inventors will ever become crazy enough to try and outrace earth. And if they do, will they be able to fathom and create something as substantial and sustainable, as this beautiful, breathing ecosphere? What do you think?

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Shamshir Rai Luthra is a celebrated speaker, voice healer and world peace activist who has motivated millions through his trendsetting radio shows, tv appearances, books, and live events for nearly three decades.

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