TALKING RICH STUDIOS is an online classroom where you can study the teachings of the Master himself.  What's Talking Rich?

Gift Worbooks And Co-create Events - Talking Rich Studios by Shamshir Rai Luthra


These mind and heart openers and conversation ice-breakers are perfect gifts for your friends and colleagues. These 24-page vibrant color square-shaped workbooks formats are visually appealing, light reading, and easy to carry.

EARN AS YOU GIFT Special bulk rates are available to individuals so that you can help us spread the message in your social and professional circles.

HOW TO BUY Books will soon be made available on online portals as well. (Watch this space)

SAMPLE The content of the workbooks are also available online in the form of study chapters (⇢ See Here). Visual Images may differ in the print format.

BULK ORDERS Write to us at about your bulk orders or special requirements. We have exciting round the year discounts available for individual buyers as well.

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Invite Shamshir Rai Luthra for Author Sessions in your community, workplace or annual business event. The topics are enlisted in Study Chapters published online and are broadly categorized into Mindfulness, Leadership and Healing.

ON THE SAME PAGE As we go through you into your circle, we understand your concerns and highlight them through the session to the audience.

SEATING Since the sessions are mostly vocal and intuitive, we prefer a teacher-facing seating arrangement with comfortable seating for the teaching author as well.

VENUE They can be organized in open gardens, lush ambiences, or whatever's best available to you.

CONTACT You may contact the teaching author directly on, or through your friends, colleagues and event organisers. All are warmly welcome.

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