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8. Consumerism And Negativity

You have everything, but do you have enough love?

Shamshir Rai Luthra

Natural Life is unpredictable, and spontaneous.

It may be raining one minute, and the sun could be out the next.

But our artificially inseminated environments have made us dependent, and anxious.

Do you begin to worry when the air-conditioning turns off for a few minutes, or do you blow a fuse when someone scratches your expensive car?

Even though you believe that you have the weather under your control, and the world in your hands, you become ‘unnaturally’ harassed.

Blessed is the thought, which causes a contented smile.

You are hoarding more than you need, pointlessly spending on what can be shared.

Constantly keeping busy looking after the endless things you have bought, how can your spirit feel happy and well?

Things can create unhappiness, when they are purchased as objects of social comparison, rather than just tools of usefulness.

Most of mankind’s inventions ought to be used to make us abler, but we carry them around like crutches. 


All the thoughts you thought, all the things you bought, Did you lose yourself in them, or did they free you?

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