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7. Catching Negativity By The Ear

Send the right vibe into the universe and the world, as we all know it will never end. Let's hope negativity will.

Shamshir Rai Luthra

Negativity could be in your perception, or in their expression.

Either way, it should be detected early and led out the door.

Sensing It When It Comes:

With patience, and experience (hopefully by not learning the hard way), you will be able to check the intrusion of negativity. If not handled mindfully, it could lead to unfortunate incidents.

Choosing Your Company:

In a world of impatient listeners and divided agendas, building a great friendship isn’t easy. Although you not be able to choose your relatives, or colleagues, but you can decide the closeness of their company.

 Choosing The Meeting Experience:

You can choose the quality of the meeting experience with the ones you wish to collaborate, or be with. You can create meeting experiences, and ambiences which are rejuvenating and proactively positive.

 Watching The Shadows:

Negativity is a liar. It feeds on fear, dependence, ingratitude, suspicion, and insecurity. To face it, you must develop deep faith and cleanse yourself constantly, through conscious wisdom and prayer.

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Shamshir Rai Luthra is a celebrated speaker, voice healer and world peace activist who has motivated millions through his trendsetting radio shows, tv appearances, books, and live events for nearly three decades.

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