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6. Identifying Negativity: Checklist

O Life! Let these moments be of peace.

Shamshir Rai Luthra

Here are a few ways to check the presence of negativity around you:

1. Oh, Those Rooms Of Gloom!

It’s easy to identify this after you’ve returned indoors from the busy outdoors. No sound, and no lights turned on, and you find your mother is sitting depressed, or your child has been sulking. A ‘dry’ room is an echo of ‘morose’ thoughts. Our surroundings can affect us as much as we can affect them. So, whenever you sense this atmosphere, just turn on some cheerful lights and compose a happy tune.

2. Lack Of Natural Elements Passing Through A Room:

We are organisms of nature, and to function normally, the human brain needs ample natural light, and fresh air. A simple way to bring freshness of the outside, inside a room, is by energizing it with good ventilation. Add windows, looking out to a landscape, and allow natural lighting. And by night, add happy, and soothing lighting.

3. Past-Baggage Brought Forward:

The energy, with which you part, is the energy with which you could meet again. People, who hold heavy thoughts, hold on to heavy memories. They may not allow ‘bygones to be bygones’, and dig open issues long gone. So every time you relink with someone whom you’ve shared ‘negative-history’ with, it’s best to be verbally vigilant, before re-opening another exchange.

 4. ‘Passing The Parcel’ Of Negativity:

Although they seem to be ‘biting’ out at you, they could be victims of inner conflict themselves, or could be simply ‘reflecting-off’ the negativity faced by them during a wearying work tour, or an unpleasant exchange with a family member. You may be interpreting a personal inner-conflict or professional ‘mind-tussle’ wrongly. So, whenever they say ‘I’m not angry with you. I’m just angry with Me.’ It’s a good enough reason to forgive them immediately, and move on to creating brighter, healing moments.

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