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5. Identifying Negativity: Elucidation

The moment is now, To leave your heaviness behind. The moment is now, To do what you can to make it right.

Shamshir Rai Luthra

Love and hopefulness is in the air. And so can be its contraire.

Looking carefully, you will be able to sense both, and with depth and discernment. you will stand witness to your spirit being subject to both the lightness and the heaviness.

Once you realize their source, you shall be able to hold them in your steady arms, and by releasing your innate healing influence, you will be able to convert poisons into nectars, and curses into blessings.

Negativity has a fatiguing, unpleasing, and discomforting presence. Its effects may be instantaneous, or may be slowly overpowering, to make the roots of your faith, whimper and shake.

Like the noise of a far off explosion that awakens peacocks on a silent night, and they begin to cry out and call out to each other, and then settle back, once they have discerned it, and are confident of its passing.

So must you and your families, you and your colleagues, subjectively and collectively deal with negativity.


Does negativity breed violence?

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