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4. Challenging Opposing Forces

What is the best that can happen to you? What is the worst that can happen to you? Has it transpired before? Has it brought out your vilest? Have you become stronger now? Have you lost what you had attained? To live your life, you must slay your fears. To receive the best, bring out your best. Create an acceptance plan. Create an alternate freedom.

Shamshir Rai Luthra

Every mortal on this planet is the seed of life, and the forces of nature shall nurture it, and its adversaries alike.

As we sit back, and understand the life force that moves through this universe, we begin to understand the value of gravity, and the power of opposing forces.

Stability brings impetus. Gravity is not negativity. Opposing forces is also not negativity. Gravity and opposing forces of nature are a part of our existential instincts. They seem to be slowing us down, and acting like speed-limiters in our life circles, but on the other hand, may be pushing us to become more resilient, or forewarning us from falling over a cliff, or when we are about to inflict self-harm.

They sound like ‘negative forces’ but are not. You may be repeatedly reminded for not driving carefully, and may perceive a fatal warning negatively, and not objectively. ‘Opposing forces’ could also be in the form of financial limitations, or resource roadblocks that you are required to live with.

Most often, it is the way we perceive these opposing forces, which block us from using them as tools for achieving our aims. When we perceive them negatively, they become useless and inadequate.

But if we recognize them optimistically, we can work around them, and use them to our advantage.


Can you identify opposing forces in your life? Recall a few, which you would like to challenge.

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