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I can’t remember where I truly belong. Probably, I am now. As I’ve always been. Destroying the destructive, Spreading the light.

Shamshir Rai Luthra

Hi! It’s been a while since we met. But I’ve been always reaching out to you, through my words, and through my voice. It’s a noisier world now, probably something that we’re all responsible of making. “Let’s make ‘some’ noise!” the great dreamers inspired, and so all of us made ‘some’ noise each, and so collectively we’ve all ended up making ‘lots’ of it.

But, there are still the same two ways to be heard today. You can try to be louder and perkier than the last one the audiences heard, or you can try and speak deeper and be truer to whom you are, and express what you’re truly experiencing inside of you.

What you experience within you is derived from the experiences that are outside of you. By outside of you, I mean to say the neighborhood, the city, the weather, the food on your plate, and the people in close proximity to you – family, friends, employees, and neighbors, and even those who you meet by chance – at the mall, or just for a fews seconds as the traffic light turned green - they all influence your presence, and it’s strengths and it’s failings.

Our consciousness is the sense of proof that you are here now, and that you are you. And this distinguishes, the others from you. That’s how they distinguish that they are they, and they are not you. The way you relate to the exchanges between you and other people, between you and your dog, between you and the weather, between you and the news you just heard, between you and the bodily functions that you as a conscious human being senses – the pain in your joints, and the heaviness in your eyelids. And then there are your memories.

All of these announce your independent existence, and map your living presence.

The outside is constantly influencing all that is inside you. Many times, multiplied manifold, bombarding your consciousness with influences and experiences, through words, and sounds, and images and lavish advertisements, inciting you to act and react, to engage, and follow, to recall and desire, or even to loosen your purse strings and expend your precious energies.

It could be a catchy 20-second advertisement, which your children have been repeatedly watching on television every night, and are tormenting you to buy it, or else they shall keep feeling torn and unhappy.

Or you could be victims too, justifying yourselves to live a closed, defensive, and ambitious life that is artificially inseminated by constant comparison, and cloned-consumerism.

Civilizations have bred like class-rated clones – all craving for buckets, and carts, and gizmos, bigger and brighter than each other’s. Such organized madness has made true company and sleeping with a peaceful mind, both rare. And optimism, good energy, and enthusiasm, have become dependent mind-sets. Dependent on the mood of the human company you keep, or the artificial companions that you can afford to buy.

So, isn’t negativity a man-made problem, which is fashioned by people and their things?

Are the mindsets of our leaders limiting us, and holding us within the same borders?

What are the real jobs that we really need, to run our homes, and to live our lives?

Can’t we form a better shared co-existence, than a constantly-compared subsistence? Through self-questions like these, in the self-study work-book Zero Tolerance To Negativity, I intend to help you to reclaim your innate confidence, and to live more naturally.

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Shamshir Rai Luthra is a celebrated speaker, voice healer and world peace activist who has motivated millions through his trendsetting radio shows, tv appearances, books, and live events for nearly three decades.

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